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This online survey is designed to assess and compare variations in infrastructure, logistics and clinical strategies for the detection and management of trauma associated haemorrhage and coagulopathy in Hospitals and Trauma Centers across the European Union. It is part of a project named TACTIC, which is sponsored and monitored by European Union authorities. 



Dear Colleagues!


Despite substantial improvements in the care for the acutely injured, undetected and uncontrolled post-traumatic haemorrhage still accounts for more than 50% of all trauma-related deaths in both civilian and military settings within the first 48 hours after hospital admission. It has also been determined to be the most common cause of preventable death.


Several independent studies have shown that one out of four severely injured presents to the Emergency Department (ED) in haemodynamic and haemostatic depletion. Also it is proven that early detection and aggressive management of the bleeding improves survival and outcome.


The following questionnaire includes 22 simple-to-answer questions. Preparation is not required. Completing this survey will not take longer than 10 minutes of your valuable time. Nevertheless it will provide essential data on potential differences in logistics and infrastructure in this important medical field across EU member states.


Your anonymous responses will inform European Health authorities and may contribute to future resource allocation within the EU member states.

There are 22 questions in this survey.